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lukr - jess foley

Neon, indie, alternative, pop – however you want to describe it, the music by singer/songwriter Lukr is just plain brilliant. Through various collaborations and stylistic explorations, the Nashville-based artist hopes to shatter the stereotypes and blur the lines that used to define what made a great pop song. Lukr takes us through his transition from band member to solo artist, the value of working with others and the emotional rollercoaster that is being a musician.


From The Ground Up

When hip-hop artist Beatox met local producer Ron Hooper, their careers and the state of the local music scene were forever changed. The duo has spent years building off their talents to bring the city a new ‘one-stop-shop’ for artists. More than just a recording studio, Trendkill Productions is changing the way we see, hear and feel music. We caught up with Beatox to talk about their humble beginnings, their wild and busy year and what’s in store for the new studio.


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